Saturday, February 18, 2012

Extracurricular Learning: School Outside of School

Good education, in my opinion, is a major key to success and happiness in life. Because I value it so highly, I seek out academically oriented extracurricular activities. Whether the children are in public school, homeschooled, or in private school, I am constantly on the look out for other classes, workshops, or activities.

Why bother having my child spend hours on regular school work and then come home to do more? I have a few reasons:
  • Learning can happen in all aspects of your life. Kids should not think of it as something that should only, or can only, happen in school.
  • What are the chances your child will find their passion or career in the classes taught in school? Even though math is needed for great technology careers, they figure out their favorite thing to do is program a computer or phone in math class.
  • People teach differently and from different perspectives. Sometimes a kid needs to see material presented in more than one way in order to understand it.
  • We prioritize what we value. If we actively make time for work, eating properly, hobbies, and learning it's because we actively want to accomplish those things.
A very popular program that requires a full day's time commitment is the Spark program at MIT on March 10th. MIT students prepare classes for students in 7th through 12th grade. The classes can be music appreciation, to math, to living on Mars, to figuring out how a toilet works. 

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