Monday, May 23, 2011

The Learning Curve-Working from Home with Kids

Although I was more than ready to get back to doing work, the transition to a work-at-home-mom has not been without it's challenges. As you can imagine, I have to change a few habits. I must do some work during the day. Initially I spent some time during the day on the computer. Now that I have some things settled in that arena, I have to make phone calls. This is where I hit a roadblock in a way.

I know you're going to think this is a story about the little guy, but it was my 12 year-old. Hanover wanted to ask me where the salsa was while I was on one of my first business calls. I was already nervous and had stumbled a little over my words. When she came in and started talking, I did the typical gestures toward the phone and held my finger up to my mouth.

Not good enough! Not only did she continue talking, she got louder. I finally put my hand over the receiver and whispered loudly, "I don't know and I'm on a business call." As soon as I took my hand off the phone, she asked about that darn salsa again. She was really upset. Finally, a more adamant "Go away!" allowed me to return my attention to the person on the other end of the line. I was so flustered though, I was glad we finished up quickly. It certainly shook my confidence. Hanover and I had a talk afterward.

I know I still have more of this kind of interruption in the future. As the kids and I both see other challenges and figure out how to meet my new needs and as they realize I can't be as available as I was.

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