Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Evolution of Motherhood

First I was a single, working girl. Then I became a working mom. I loved my job so much and understood so little about children that I had no desire to stay at home with infants. Then my mommy-instincts to be with my kids grew and my job satisfaction tanked and I was a homeschooling mom. Once my older girls went to school and I was a stay-at-home-mom to my toddler and now preschooler.

It didn't take me long to realize that staying home with a preschooler just was not mentally stimulating enough. Sure, I could be somewhat busy toting my Little Guy to different classes, playgrounds, or library programs. That might be somewhat of a challenge for scheduling and would keep us in a flurry of activity. I love taking him out and I can work on other things while he plays. I needed something more interesting to think about while being a cruise director for the kids.

I also had some new requirements in my life. I enjoy being home for my kids after school so any new endeavor would need to be flexible enough to allow me to continue my chauffeuring and homework watching duties. I also knew that my previous career was not ammenable to part time work. I had to think outside of the box.

I knew of another mom who was running her own family-friendly business (Hi!). I pretty much begged her to take me under her wing and I am now working as an independent contractor. And now I am a work-at-home-mom. Which seems like it should be easier than it really is.


Deb said...

Yep. 'Tisn't easy. Nothing worth doing is, of course, but it became much, much easier after the kids were elementary-school age. If I hadn't had child care help when the kids were toddlers it would have been much more scaled back than it was. But there are lots of us out there who will support you, Kim! It will take a while to find the right balance.

Kim said...

Thanks! It'll get easier as I learn where I can fit it in I'm sure.