Thursday, May 06, 2010


On Wednesday, I enrolled my youngest daughter in school. There are a few questions I think anyone might have on that news: I thought you said you were going to wait until next year? Why didn't we hear anything for warning? and Why bother enrolling her now that the school year is almost over?

The short version: I was going to wait until next year. I couldn't give any warning because I didn't know I was going to do it myself. Attending school for a couple of months is better than being at home and getting very little accomplished.

The long version: I actually had a 'revelation' while recording the podcast. I said something off the cuff that I later realized was an accurate, succint statement of why Flurpee was so hard to motivate at home. Once she knew she was going to public school eventually, she was waiting for "real" school to start. I made the statement on Saturday. I realized how true it was on Sunday. I wondered about whether the school would take such a late enrollment on Monday. Called on Monday. Had her evaluated on Monday. And had her in school on Wednesday.

Even my husband did not realize that I was planning to put her in school. Normally, this is one of those decision about our family that I would consult with him first and make sure he was on board. Since he was on-board with the plan to send Flurpee next year and we had already decided which grade to put her in, I figured the timing would not change things drastically. He was quite shocked however when I told him I scheduled an evaluation for Flurpee and asked him to pick up the health forms on his way home from work. A short talk brought him around to my way of thinking.

Enrolling Flurpee at the end of the year would mean a chance for her to learn the ropes with her big sister still around. She would have her first school experience while things were exciting and not particularly demanding. If there were any issues, I would know about them to help over the summer.

Now I am home with just Omega.

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Deb said...

WOW! Keep us posted about how it goes!