Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toddler & Preschool Activity: Aluminum Foil Fun

Toddlers and preschoolers are so much fun. Even the most mundane (to us) observations are gold mines of experience or a way to practice developing skills.
They love it because it is new.

I was using some aluminum foil while cooking today and thought it would be a lot of fun for Omega. It is shiny, it crumples nicely, and makes noise. I tore off a square piece for him. For we explored how shiny it was. We reflected light onto the walls. I reflected light onto Omega's face. We felt how smooth it was. We laid it on a table and ran our hands over its flat surface. I held it while he felt it again. This time he could tell it was still smooth but it was also soft. It would easily bend where it was not fully supported.

We placed the foil on the ground. He stomped on it and danced on it. I talked about feeling it crinkle under his feet. We could see and hear the crinkles, too. I gently crumpled it and then opened it flat again. This time we could see that only small parts were shiny and we could not see as much light on the wall. He ran his hands over it to feel the bumps and how rough it is.

Then he practiced some small motor skills by squishing the sheet into a ball. He could strengthen his hands and arms by pressing as hard as he could to make it small. I had in step on the ball for the sensory experience and to see it could still be made smaller.

Of course, now you have a ball. Balls are great for throwing! We had a friendly game of catch. I made sure to point out that this ball is not like his others. We dropped his bouncy ball and it, unsurprisingly, bounced. We dropped the aluminum foil ball and it did not bounce (it just rolled off).

I helped Omega wrapped his first ball in another sheet of foil (since I took out another for this post). He then wanted to reclaim his first. He began tearing off bits of the top layer. A great exercise for manual dexterity (and learning that little bits of torn stuff belong in the trash).

I think that was a lot of learning and fun for a few cents worth of kitchen product I have anyway. There is a downside. When they realize that so much fun is a drawer away, watch out for your supplies!

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christinemm said...

Love that you did this with your little guy. Awesome.