Friday, April 16, 2010

Keep Food from Sticking: Make Your Own Non-Stick Aluminum Foil

I love aluminum foil. It is never a mess-free meal, but the bulk of the clean up is eliminated. I prefer aluminum foil because this:

is so much more appetizing than this:

Which is what my baking sheets look like after 10 years of abuse.

Cooking on aluminum foil can be very annoying when your meal is done but your food gets stuck even with oil. Quite tedious to pick bits of foil off the bottom of dinner. There is non-stick foil now. I have not bought it because I make my own.

I use a sheet of foil that is already the right size (shown above). I scrunch it up accordian-like:

(not too tight) and then tease it apart again.

After it is opened up again, I smooth it flat with my hand moving from the inside to the edge.

It leaves all these great nooks and crannies that prevents food from sticking. I am cooking chicken breast on it tonight.

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Frank Laurent said...

After reading the PAM spray can ingredients I decided not to use it anymore. Looking for an answer to the sticking problem I found this post and I have to say
Thanks so much for this easy and healthy answer.