Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter: Egg Hunt for Multiple Ages & Egg Dying Fun

Egg dying! Much goofiness.

"Look, Ma, I use my hands. And I like to eat any & all eggs that I dyed. Cooked yolks are yucky."

And an egg hunt. Each kid gets 10 eggs this year. We hide them in the evening. Each kid has their own colors to search for. That way we can customize the difficulty level and since each kid has their own color we don't have to worry about the big kids getting all of the easily found eggs or the big count & whine when one kid finds more eggs.

My husband is the designated egg hider. And he enjoys hiding them a little too much. He gets great enjoyment out clever hiding spots. We have some simple rules he needs to follow: eggs must be in plain sight. They must not be hidden in drawers or behind anything other than pillows. Not to make things easier for the kids, but so that my house isn't torn apart during the hunt.

Happy Easter!

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