Thursday, April 01, 2010

An Eggcellent Day: My Silk Egg Dying Result

I have been having an egg-cellent day. We have one thing in the works involving eggs and then we did this silk egg dying from the Martha Stewart site.

I raided my husband's ties (he is a big fan of ties and found some I do not think he is wearing any more. That's my story!

We sacrificed them to the cause and hacked them up. I also had white fabric laying around to secure the tie-wrapped eggs. Then I hard-boiled them as usual. I don't think all of the ties were silk but I am not sure. One did not work out well (too light) but the rest looked pretty neat. Flurpee, 8, enjoyed picking her pattern, wrapping, and seeing the finished egg.

A friend of mine headed out to the thrift store for some ties. Please, if you use old silk boxers, I do not want to know about it and please do not invite me over for egg salad.

The patterns are hearts, stripes, a floral, and Looney Tunes of which only Daffy's bill is recognizable.

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Monica said...

How pretty. I've never heard of this!

Rachel said...

Those are gorgeous eggs, Kim! Now I want kids, so I can die eggs for Easter!

christinemm said...

LOL old boxers!

Hey the boiling would sterilize them, right?