Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strawberry Smoothies

I recently got a new refrigerator that makes ice (big, big deal for me). It took me a week to feel comfortable throwing away the leftover ice when I was done a drink (no, I don't know where these ideas come from). In getting the new, larger fridge, I got to move some things around. Wouldn't you know I own a blender. What? You wouldn't know? Well, neither did I. It was buried.

So I have a blender and an infinite supply of ice, children but no tequila or vodka. Yes, yes, my first thoughts turned to frozen daquiris and margaritas. You read that I have kids, right? If I couldn't drink my cares away or lure my sanity out if hiding with frozen liquor, I figured I might as well do something that might keep their mouths occupied for a few minutes.

I searched for a smoothie recipe on-line (let me save you some trouble: lots of strawberries, milk and/or yogurt, maybe ice, maybe sugar, maybe some flavor extract--I discovered that any old thing thrown in the blender can constitute a smoothie) and gave it a whirl. No really, when I turned on the blender everything goes round and round.

Long story longer: kids loved it and now I am on call for strawberry smoothies if I ever bring strawberries into the house. I wonder if artichoke hearts would be as easily eaten in smoothie form?

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Deb said...

This is why I make the kids pick and pick and pick strawberries in June and early July. They freeze great for smoothies. Cherries, too, and even blueberries, if you strain the skins out.