Friday, March 26, 2010

The Running Joke

We've been missing a door handle for almost five months. We keep a pair of pliers handy in the dining room to escape the house. The door knob was held on by a set screw which was lost shortly after we moved into the house ten years ago. In a way, it was actually convenient that we could remove the handle. With Omega walking and tall for his age, he could easily operate the lever to open the door (and so could our old dog, by the way). Removing it allowed us complete certainty, to this day, that he would not be able to toddle outside without our knowledge. And removing it also allowed us to lose it. Even the astronomy class knows to look for the pliers before heading out to observe! We have a replacement on order, but with how much that shank has been stripped, I am crossing my fingers that it will work.


Amy said...

Did I recently say that you are my inspiration in regard to something home-improvement-like?

Well, I'll say it again! There's just something awesome about this pliers story. I think we all have our pliers, but you celebrated yours, and that's inspirational.

I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...

Kim said...

Wanna know something really funny? You and your grout cleaning success was MY inspiration? That and having the little one turn two was a big help!