Thursday, March 25, 2010

Greek Yogurt is Good

So I don't like yogurt. And I only started liking yogurt in the last few years and even then I only like black cherry or cherry flavor (no--I don't know why). Many people talk about Greek yogurt, and when I saw Fage had a cherry flavor, I tried it. And I liked it. And Omega, the 28 month old like it. I liked the creamy texture and stirring in the cherry was enough to offset whatever flavor I don't actually enjoy in yogurt.

I also read recently that you can make your own Greek yogurt by setting a dish towel in a strainer and pouring in regular yogurt. Once it sits for a few hours, there you go. I don't think I'll be making my own yogurt any time soon (I know a lot of people who are very adept at making their own cultured foods, but I'm not one of them), but the Greek yogurt is expensive! I also bought a small jar of black cherry preserves to add to plain yogurt so I'm not at the mercy of the grocery store selection.

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Rachel said...

A few years ago, before finding Greek yogurt in the stores, I used coffee filters in canning jars and left it over night. It turned out excellently.

Made a very tasty tzatziki sauce!