Monday, February 01, 2010

Generalizations: A Glimpse of Toddler Development

I was catching up on reading some e-mail in bed this morning (because you can do such things with an iPhone), when I feel fingers grope over my face and latch onto my nose. Omega, 2 years old in December, likes to play 'got your nose'. He'll reach his chubby toddler fingers for a good grip and then 'steal' my nose for his own face. Imagine my surprise to find it was not just my nose he decided to claim for himself but also my mouth, chin, and eyes.

I love watching him connect the dots and move his understanding from a particular facial feature to any facial feature. And it is always fun to see him make a totally sensical jump that surprises me because I was tied into the standard formula. Then I decided I did not really want to play any more. While it was fun to have a glimpse into his little brain, it is a lot less fun to have those deceptively strong little fingers pulling on your lips or grasping at your eyes. And switching eyeballs is too creepy for me!

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