Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Tip for Showers

Here is my boring bathroom. Totally monochromatic. I like the wall color (a bit like browned butter--more yellow than tan). I decided, with some changes in my own tastes, that I wanted a little more color.

After a trip to HomeGoods, I found a shower curtain, mat, hand towels, and even matching liquid handsoap. It is not a huge change like wall color would have been, but it is enough to make me smile. On top of the color, I added a little change to help make my every day life a bit easier.

I shamelessly stole this idea from a friend. It is a way of extending the shower curtain so that the water cannot escape the shower without having to fuss with the shower curtain a lot. When you have kids old enough to shower by themselves and yet absent-minded enough to forget to make sure the entire shower opening is blocked, this works out great.

I bought an extra shower curtain and a couple of 3M removable wall hooks. Install the hooks next to the shower rod and wait until the adhesive is set (about an hour). Take the extra vinyl shower curtain and cut it either in half or so that there are enough holes for the wall hooks and a couple extra. Put the shower curtain on the hooks and then put the rest of the holes on the same hooks as your regular curtain.
A semi-permanant way to keep water in the shower with less nagging and more reliability.


Deb said...

Kim, I think you just gave me a cheap cheap way to solve a problem of mine: The previous owners redid the main bathroom, leaving the end of the tub/shower opposite the faucet *completely* open except for a small "wall" hanging 12 inches off the ceiling. What could have possessed them?!?! We have to be really careful that the water from the shower doesn't spray out the opposite end. But I think that this is perfect... I can buy another curtain and hang it from those adhesive hooks you describe, which can adhere to that projection. I'll hang the curtain half from that and half from the hooks of the regular shower curtain on the long side of the tub.

Hmmm... I don't know if I described this in a way that you can envision what I mean, but suffice it to say I think this will really help!

Kim said...

I think I have an idea. So either you have no real back wall for your shower or the shower rod stops too far away from the back wall.

My grandmother used to have an older house and there were no walls to the shower--just a tub in the room with a rectangular shower curtain wrapping all the way around the tub.

When you pick the hooks, the only thing I worried about was what weight they support. Since my kids sometimes pull on the curtain, I used the medium-sized hooks. Of course the hooks themselves have to the be the right size for the shower curtain holes.

Good luck! I hope it works. I have found it really annoying to slosh around the bathroom when the water escapes.

Lynne said...

Nice. But where's the phone?

Shez said...

brilliant idea. Wish I'd seen this before I ordered a shower door for the kids bath tub. I was going crazy with the mess and since I wanted them to also have a hand shower, I figured I'd better work out a way to contain water pronto.

Kim said...

Lynne, we aren't wired in the bathroom. I have to bring in my cordless--and I have!

Shez, I was so fed up with the mess that I was ready to consider glass doors myself. A lack of money and complete disinterest in cleaning them helped me to remember this little solution.