Saturday, October 31, 2009

Science: Magnetism Demonstration

There are a number of typical ways of showing magnetic lines of force. I purchased some iron filings from an education store in my area (buying them on-line proved slightly tricky). In order to show lines of force I placed about 2 tablespoons (not measured, guesstimated) in a plastic sleeve protector and then taped the top shut.

The tape is even harder to see than I thought.

Paper underneath makes it easier to see.

The high-powered magnet has north and south on its round faces. The filings align themselves quickly to wrap around the edge. The magnet is so strong that the iron filings are lifting the plastic up.

The bar magnet has north and south clearly marked. The lines of force are seen (though less strongly) arcing from one end to the other.

Fairly simple and a good demonstration for kids.

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