Friday, October 09, 2009

Homeschool Tip: Notebook Reconstruction

Here are the ubiquitous notebooks all homeschoolers probably have--since they go on sale for about 10 cents every year during back-to-school. I bought enough to cover each kid in each subject and more. And they used them, kind of. They used them one week and then misplaced them and got another. The trouble was that they would write the subjects on the cover and refuse to use it for anything else.

By the time I had four "Hanover Math" notebooks, I was feeling rather annoyed. I did not buy any for this year insisting that I would MAKE them use the old ones. Easier said than done (as always). And then I was irked to see that the new cheap notebooks had great, fun designs on them now. I wanted fun notebooks like that! But I knew it would be a waste.

I did find a way to have fun-looking notebooks AND get the girls to use up the ones they had already labeled with one solution. A notebook makeover. All it took was some scrapbook paper (I have enough of that hanging around so free to me) and a glue stick. I spread a generous amount of glue over the notebook cover and then glued on the scrapbook paper. After pressing it down well all around, I trimmed the edges to match the notebook cover. The darker designs keep the black permanent marker from showing through. The notebooks look much nicer, the kids enjoyed picking out the design to 'personalize' it, and now they are a blank slate for whatever topic needs one.

And I think it is particularly appropriate that these notebooks are being used (if notes are needed) for their art history class.

Much improved!


christinemm said...

Looks great!

christinemm said...

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