Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yummy Dinner

My little Thor truly enjoyed his first corn on the cob. Yum, yum!

Though it could be that he just really likes the butter--and his sleep.

Seriously. This is how I found him. Surrounded by corn on the cob, having devoured almost a stick of butter and passed out on the table. Reminds me of my brother during our summers home from college.


christinemm said...

That is hilarious!

He seems to go full tilt then crashes, doesn't he? It takes real exhaustion to fall asleep at the table LOL.

Tomorrow when I see you I'll tell you our solution for the diaper changing challenge when they move around too much.

Michael Gold said...

Ha! LOL That's funny... :)

Kim said...

Christine, any ideas for keeping him still during a diaper change are appreciated. I used to kiss his toes and feet, but now that he gets around so much, I'm NOT interested!

When he finally crashes, he crashes hard.

Brad Williams said...