Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Visit to Long Island Sound

I have really enjoyed having my kids in a nature program run by Two Coyotes Wilderness School. It is a bit more academic than some other programs, including ones run by the same group, which I enjoy. This was a place we learned about through the program, Silver Sands State Park on Long Island Sound. Being a Jersey girl, this was my first trip to the sound.

There was a boardwalk to cross the salt marsh to get to the shore. I took a few pictures of the view of the walk out.

Here are three birds sitting on top of the marsh.

This is the land bridge out to the island. It is only accessible at low tide, but the island is closed currently due to some bird.

A seagull breaking open lunch.

Some silver sand evident inbetween the copious rocks.

The bird, of course, is only in the water behind the baby.

So many shells!


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