Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something I've Been Putting Off

For some reason I can't identify, my ten year-old wants to learn how to knit. She's been asking consistenly for years--yes, years. I have kept my eyes open for classes to no avail. If there were classes, they were closed, expensive, or not open to children. I finally (with my JoAnn's coupon and educator discount) bought a 'learn to knit' kit for her. It included a booklet, some tools, and needles. We also picked up some yarn.

Learning something hands-on from a book is not easy. It's not impossible, but the descriptions are usually not quite detailed enough or the pictures might be confusing because they include so much detail but just not of the step that seems to be elusive. I will admit at this point that I have taught myself to knit (kind of) from books about four times now*. Jumping in with both feet, I decided to take the plunge and try to help Hanover learn.

And searching Google for 'learn to knit videos' was helpful. Here are her first ten or so stitches.

*Why have I taught myself knitting so often? It started in college. I was sitting in one of those oh-so-trendy early 90's coffee bars and a woman was sitting with her friends with her needles clicking, knitting, while having a discussion. Coolest thing I ever saw. That was the first time I bought a set of needles and yarn and a teach-yourself book. After about two inches I made a few mistakes, got really tensed shoulders, and decided the reality of practicing for years before becoming proficient enough to knit and talk at the same time just wasn't all that appealing. And the other three attempts ended about the same way. With the new fuzzy and cool-effect and colors for yarn, it has become more of a draw. Since my last go at it was a few years ago, I figured I could stand another round. And when my daughter mentioned that I had progressed on my own little project and asked me how I liked it I told her honestly that I found it really boring. Perhaps I won't feel that way if I complete a project and move onto fancier patterns (right now I'm really, really boring) and perhaps I will find mastering those patterns a challenge that will spark my interest.


Lynne said...

I completely understand. I love the sounds and sights of a proficient knitter! I just get too damn bored to devote the time and effort necessary to become that proficient. We crochet. No cool clickity sounds, but you can make a scarf in about an hour.

Is Hanover pleased with her stitches? They look neat.

Amy said...

I had the same experience, but only once, of learning and then dropping (excuse the pun) knitting. I enjoyed doing it while watching a boring movie with Adam when I was pregnant. I thought I might continue when Sam was born but I didn't realize that I'd never have my hands to myself again.

But I do like the idea of using videos to learn how to correct mistakes. I didn't want to join a group, but I wasn't able to fix mistakes myself with just a book for help. Video would have done the trick, I think. I might try again someday when I have my hands back again.

christinemm said...

I have a bag of acrylic yarn that I was going to pass on to someone. Now I know who can use it....