Monday, September 28, 2009

Software to Teach Music?

Perhaps I was hiding under a very big rock. That can be the only way to explain that I did not know about Music Ace Deluxe. Considering my Amazon page indicated that people who bought this software were also buying all other kinds of homeschool books.

With the financial situation of many homeschoolers (usually one parent who is not working), music lessons may not be feasible. I know they are not within my budget. While I may never be able to afford instrument lessons for my children, I want them to be familiar with reading music and terms used to describe music.

I found out about the software by accident. Once I read about it, however, I decided to give it a shot. It is an older program that was originally programmed for older Windows operating systems. The graphics are a dead give-away to its age. The window size is rather small for today's high resolution monitors too. Many people even reported issues running the program using Vista, though they may have been resolved if they understood they could opposite-click, select properties, and choose a compatibility mode for running the executable.

I have had the program for two days. Both kids loved using it and went through the first four lessons quickly and spent an hour playing the games that help them practice the concepts. Music Ace Deluxe does demonstrate by using a graphic piano keyboard, so it may be nice to have one (either real or electronic). The lessons are short, presenting only a small bit of information quickly and allowing the child to practice applying that information (like picking which note was pitched higher or lower, or moving notes onto the ledger lines). One program can track multiple learners, at least 10. The kids can pick what lesson to use or whether to play a game, or to continue with the next lesson from their last session.

The kids like it and use it, so far. So I like it!

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