Friday, September 11, 2009

Short Conversation with Friends

How sad that people blow off the groups who hold their own surrendered or implied premises as extremists. Those groups just hold their philosophies consistently and the people who blow them off are a jumble of philosophies they themselves do not fully understand.


Deb said...

Sorry you had to encounter these folks, Kim. I am often grateful for the online community where our consistently-held principles are shared.

Kim said...

Isn't that just everyone? Isn't that why the 'extremism' smear exists? Just so people can hold mixed premises and pretend they aren't related to those groups?

JJ Ross said...

We're all related to different groups even when we as individuals don't personally know those individuals. Gripping research piece in the NYT Mag this morning about social contagion you might like sinking your intellectual teeth into . . . :)