Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Elementary Ideas

I really liked circle time for my kids when they were in Montessori school. Most of the Montessori activities are done individually or in small groups. Circle time was a chance for all of the kids to get together at the beginning of the day. They would go over the date, sing some learning songs, review some educational material (anatomy, geometric shapes, etc). This was a chance for all of the kids to do something together. It was also the signal to start the school day. After circle time the kids would go pick out their individual work.

Montessori for Everyone blog has a some great ideas that could help me emulate the idea of circle time for my elementary aged students. I also like having a standard routine. I am not much of a routine person myself, but I think the kids would really like it. I also think it would be a gentle way to transition my kids into school time. I know the toddler will enjoy participating as well.

I was even thinking about what I would like to include already. In place of the Pledge of Allegiance I was thinking about the "We hold these truths to be self-evident" section of the Declaration of Independence. We are beyond the continents song and the days and months songs too. Perhaps we could work on some holiday songs--something beyond the first verse. I am sure I will find something.

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