Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Job Was Done

I did my job. I made dinner for everyone. The main part of dinner was a bacon and American cheese quiche. That Hanover and Flurpee both declared it disgusting was really just not my problem. Thor (or Bamm Bamm or Filthy Little Monkey--I'm still feeling for which is most appropriate and waiting for my husband to annoint him with a silly nickname) thought it was just fine (except for the pie crust). Oh well! You can't please everyone all of the time.


christinemm said...

Oh my. Sorry for the poor reception your dinner got! How annoying!

When my kids pull that on us we'd point them to the cereal and say go make yourself a bowl. Now that they cook some things by themselves when we're making dinner they don't want we tell them to cook themselves something else.

Tonight DH & I are having cedar plank salmon in balsalmic vinegar sauce. The kids can make themselves some pasta or a ham sandwich for all I care. They will also eat some salad (made for whole family) and a piece of fruit.

I feel your pain.

christinemm said...

BTW how about calling your DH "Stargazer" or "Skywatcher"?

Kim said...

I was rather expecting the turned-up noses. I don't mind when the kids prepare their own food but hate when they want to cook their own food. If they were doing the dishes afterward it wouldn't be so bad. I'll have to remember that--"you can cook but I expect the kitchen to look exactly the same when you're done AND you must wait until I'm finished what I'm doing." My kitchen isn't big enough for multiple chefs.

I really do need a name for my husband. Something stellar! (ha--I kill me.)