Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Homeschool Life in General

Hanover is entering 5th grade (by the traditional age ranges) and Flurpee is either in 2nd or 3rd grade (yes, it's confusing for me too but it has to do with her very late birthday and the attendence rules in CT). This was our schedule last year and every year before. This year, with the toddler, I'm not sure how things will change.

I am a school-at-home type. I like to keep a schedule (flexible depending on other factors). I run through the traditional subjects (math, language arts, science, history, etc.) following curriculums for each. I start homeschooling at 8:30-9 and finish by 3:30. If we're having a good day and the kids don't notice the time, we have rarely just continued doing school until my husband comes home at 6. In the morning, we homeschool non-stop. Since my kids participate in live history classes with Mr. Powell, Hanover starts hers at 11. Sometimes I'll start preparing lunch then and have it ready at 11:30. Once the kids eat lunch, I usually kick them outdoors on pain of death (and sometimes taking their little brother as well) and get 1/2 an hour to check my mail. If they balk at babysitting or the toddler is exploring too far afield, then I'll take him out myself. Once we come inside, I usually find that I need time to myself and I'll get my youngest schooler set up with her history lesson and the eldest will be reading. But then I may need to deal with the toddler.

While the morning is always school time, the afternoons often include activities, such as a weekly park day in the milder weather, or a club I run for the girls that incorporates a little history but is mostly for crafts and friendship time. I also have the kids attending a nature class that can count as science, but certainly cuts into my standard school schedule.

I do not participate in co-ops (at this point). I'm homeschooling specifically to teach my children what I feel is important. For me, it's not an extension of a parenting method or a relaxed, slightly unschooling method, or about learning from everyday life. I know that works for many people, but I want my schooling to be more formal. I haven't found the currriculums offered to fit into our educational plan very well. And for those reasons, and that I don't want to keep the baby out all day, I have not found co-ops to fit in my educational scheme.


christinemm said...

I enjoyed reading this! Thanks!

Some day you may use a co-op for friends/social time one day a week. That is what some people I know do. The things the kids do at co-op are either fun or not academics they'd do at home but the purpose is social so those are accepted (done in addition to other types or harder academics at home).

Kim said...

I love getting a peek into others' homeschooling. I am glad I'm not the only one.

I know many people who participate in co-ops just to get out of the house and to have their kids around others. Perhaps, if someday I have my educational goals well in hand (ha!), it migt be a choice for us.