Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is College Worth the Cost?

There has been talk lately of whether a college degree is worth the cost of tuition. And a lot of the consensus has been that it's not. Ultimately what it comes down to is major. Certain majors will ALWAYS be worth the price of admission. Certain other majors have almost never been.


Crimson Wife said...

On my cynical days, I see college as a very expensive country club. Most of the value that my DH and I have gotten out of our degrees have been the social connections we made there (not the least of which was meeting each other).

My DH got his most recent job because of a referral made by his college lab partner. The opening was not advertised in any newspaper or online site. He never would've found out about it had it not been for his classmate.

It may not be fair that the "old boys' network" still is so prevalent, but that's life.

Kim said...

I've been watching the show Greek and it is amazing how much having something in common with someone can immediately open lines of communication, too. Whenever I've met someone from my Alma Mater, it feels like we already have a connection.

I'm glad your husband kept in touch with his college friends! I found mine on Linked In and such. Perhaps I'll be able to find a job that way.

I have often heard employers use college degrees not so much for specific knowledge obtained but because it shows some level of perseverance and (hopefully) critical thinking in the prospective employee.