Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Take a Toddler to a Restaurant

The short answer: Don't!

Whatever effort you think you're saving by taking the toddler out will be spent entertaining and worrying about him.

At the very least you should avoid this situation:

No nap.
A very busy restaurant on a Friday night.
A waitress who forgets ketchup and silverware.
A late dinner and a light snack makes for a hungry and cranky baby.
Putting napkins, paper, crayons, silverware, plates, or food in front of a long-armed crankpot who likes to throw things.

Yes, I am guilty of all of those things--not over the course of the last few times we went out. All of them occurred last night. The good news is that my husband and I met at the restaurant. After he communicated his desire to leave the restaurant by flinging macaroni and cheese at the couple next to us (only close--no actual hit), I took my separate car and hit the road right after I had my salad and long before my food.

The doggie bag was my consolation prize.


Deb said...

I think we've all been there. Sorry it was your turn.

Kim said...

Yep. I'm taking full responsibility for poor planning on that one. At least I got him out of there before he actually hit other people with food or utensils.

Diana Hsieh said...

In your last paragraph, you have an ambiguous pronoun in "after he communicated," so it sounds like your husband threw the mac & cheese. That's an entertaining image!

Kim said...


I caught that after re-reading it and decided to let it stand. I enjoyed the thought myself.