Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Young to Get Them Started with Science?

Perhaps 18 months is just right. We were actually looking at a fish scale. It looked similar to the photos below. The microscope is a toy one I picked because it has an LED and was die cast. It claims 1200X. The chromatic aberration is terrible! Also, when you are at the maximum magnification, oh how I wish I had an X-Y slide for the table.
He's not actually using the microscope. Just imitating me and his sisters.


christinemm said...

So cute!

I wonder if my 2nd "teaching himself to read" was partly due to overhearing me teaching older child to read w phonics.

We never know how observing home education in progress w older siblings rubs off on the younger sibs. It can't help but be positive.

You should submit this to the Carnival of Homeschooling I think others would enjoy it.

Kim said...

Every time I heard one or the other child complaining that they were being imitated, I explained that was how they learned.

It's more true with this one than I ever imagined.

Thanks for the recommendation! I really should submit more often.