Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Worst Garden Design Ever

Done by yours truly! I only have three gardens at my house. Connecticut ginormous rocks and soil consisting mostly of gravel and clay from the foundation dig don't make for easy gardening. This particular garden was actually dug out 9 inches deep (used to be a gravel walkway to the back of the house and the gravel was imbedded into the ground that deep--we still find some) by my husband (you didn't think I did that, did you?) and refilled with purchased topsoil. It's about five feet wide and 10 feet long. The ultimate goal was to extend the garden the length of the house, but we may or may not continue. I made the rookie garden mistake of buying some plants or growing from seed without a place to put them all. I had a choice of letting them all die or sticking them somewhere. This is where I stuck them. The garden is over five years old now and things are starting to get crowded.
In this garden, we have peonies (which smell heavenly), poppies (which are just gorgeous), irises (I wasn't sure they were ever going to bloom, but this is the first year), columbine (self-sowing perennial), and some asian lillies. Now for the problem: those plants are pretty much all the same height and bloom at the same time (except for the asiatic lillies which will most likely be chewed to little nubs just before you expect some spectacular flowers). Right now it's loaded with blooms and in two weeks it will be fading foliage for the rest of the summer.
Here is my no-work required bonus: the chamomile (annual) I started from seed and planted in the garden one year has reseeded every year since and (as long as I don't mind it growing in the walkway instead of the actual garden and please ignore the abundance of clover that has decided to make a home in the garden) I get to enjoy it's happy little flowers.

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christinemm said...

Well Kim you leanred some things so it is a successful garden!

The best gardening lessons are those gleaned from real life. Book learning is not always the best for gardening to be honest. I know this from experience.

Perhaps one day I'll blog my first garden which was a complete and utter disaster.

You have living plants after 5 years that still bloom and self-sow, that is a success. Congratulations!

Nice to see you today sorry it got rained out earlier than I'd hoped to leave...