Friday, June 19, 2009

What I Would Love to Do

I want to:

Take the kids to twice-a-month nature class. That is happening no matter what.

Have the kids attend the teleconferenced History at Our House program. This is my curriculum for history, so definite. I hope Scott Powell sends out his best idea of what the times are going to be. The lower elementary program is later in the day and that can conflict with other things we want to do.

Attend monthly kids forum so the kids can practice their public speaking if they want. Hanover got a case of the shies two years ago and didn't go up once. Flurpee was a real champ. They can both bring me to tears. I'm just overflowing with pride!

Continue with girls' club every other week. Every single one of the girls expressed an interest in continuing! Yay.

Park days on nice days.

Run a D&D game for older kids so they can be introduced to the game, use their imaginations, and have fun. This would take four or five hours either twice a month or monthly. There is, of course, prep work for this as well.

Run a science course for lower elementary age group. Hey, we've go to do science anyway, might as well invite people to do it with us. A weekly course of about an hour. That's not including prep time on my part or purchasing equipment.

Run a science course for upper elementary age group. See above. This would be an hour and a half each week.

Run a science course for upper middle school. That would just be fun for me! More math, more advanced experiments, plotting, averaging, variables, repeated trials, Fire!, chemicals, biology (I would need a decent amount of work in that realm myself), glassware, safety glasses, lab coats--all of the things I couldn't do for the elementary-aged. The mission, should I choose to accept it, would involve an hour and a half to two hours of class time each week.

It's really hard to get people to sign up for weekly classes. Homeschoolers are usually very busy with lots of commitements (see above!) and it's not like I have a PhD or anything.

My husband is much better about understanding what can and can't be done with a limited amount of time. AND Bamm Bamm, the toddler, may not be so easily scooted away by whatever parent is willing to spend the class time chaperoning him.

We'll also have astronomy classes run by the husband weekly starting in August. Which, by the way, has become so popular that I'm asking people to sign up a year in advance if they have any inkling at all that they may be interested. We've got our first repeat kid starting this fall. I wonder how much she'll remember and how much more she'll take away this time because she can concentrate on the more intense information instead.

Decisions, decisions! I really want to do it all! But there are only five days in the school week so much of this stuff would need to be scheduled on the same day and not to mention about whether I really have the time to do all of the prep work for five different events while schooling my own kids.

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