Monday, June 08, 2009

Those Were the Days

A mom from girls' club, hearing how we sled down the hill in front of the house in winter, told us how she used to set up a similar hill at her old house with slip and slides. I remembered slip and slides being very fun, but as an adult I mostly remember being dirty, muddy, and usually scraped up. I hadn't ever been tempted to get a slip and slide before because of the bad I remembered more vividly than the good. But putting the slip and slide on the hill seemed like a lot of fun.

I bought two 16 feet long slip and slides and put them one after the other down the hill. The kids had a lot of fun once we figured out how to deal with the water issue. Because they were on a hill, the hose didn't distribute water well and then they also ended up with leaks so even the poor dispersion eventually failed. So we went really low tech and just let the hose run water down the slide (we can because it was on a slope). That worked quite well--better than their little sprinklers. It was like a water slide at a water park.

This is an additional bonus because we decided to not have any pool this year (we usually get one of those 15 feet diameter by 3 1/2 feet deep inflatable ring jobbers). Since Bamm Bamm (the 1 1/2 year old) can already climb the playset ladder to get to the slide and knows how to open the back door even if it's locked, we decided not to chance the large bodies of water. I even bought a larger kiddie pool and decided against that as well. So the kids will have something wet to do when the weather is really hot.

This first video shows Bamm Bamm's first time down the slide.

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Amy said...

Bamm Bamm really does play like a 4 year old! Looks like a lot of fun.