Friday, June 19, 2009

Bringing Up Memories You Probably Tried to Bury

If you've been cognizant of popular culture of the past 40 years (which I have by virtue of having lived it), you may just find this as amusing as I did.


Rajesh said...

Very funny and entertaining. It sure did bring back some memories. Being 40 also I could identify most of the music and the dance trends. Breakdance was big during school (I can still produce a good wave) and hammer was a favourite at 20. I could dance 3-4 hours non-stop.
Thanks Kim.

Kim said...

Best times going out clubbing during college and after! And all of those songs from high school dances and trips and I remember so much stuff! Fun to take a little walk down memory lane. The wave! Too funny! I remember it being called 'popping'.

Thanks for commenting, Rajesh! I enjoy your blog.