Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bad Days and Good Days with a Toddler

Good Days are days when your toddler explores a lot, learns new things through testing and stretching his current information and skills and you help him clean up or quickly steer him into a more constructive venue and revel in his new found knowledge.

Bad Days are days that your toddler behaves exactly the same only you, as a parent, need or really wanted to do something other than chase after him frequently.


Rational Jenn said...

Amen, sister!

Right. There. With You. :o)

russds said...

Wow, great little post. A lot of wisdom an encouragement in the 'good days'. I'll have to remember these. Thanks!

christinemm said...


On those days the key is containment. Confine the kid to a room or a floor of the house that is babyproofed and let him loose.

Sadly in our former home we had an inground pool but the fence was the larger back yard. I barely had the boy outside due to safety reasons and barely swam either due to needing to tend to the kid's safety. Could not afford the $1500 fence to go just around the pool. Sigh. Now that kids can swim and older we don't have a pool. C'est la vie.

Kim said...

We have bought those temporary blow-up or metal-frame pools. They are OK for the kids to splash around in, but no good for swimming practice. And I would not put it up this year. I won't have a pool again for a while.

I need a confined space. Great rooms aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Rational Jenn said...

We have a pretty large family room, with the "open" floor plan. Great for movement and "flow," huh? But not if you want to keep an eye on the movement and flow of your toddler!

We have some gates that are long enough to stretch across some of the larger openings--about 5 feet maybe? And we also have plastic modular gates where you can add or subtract sections to make areas bigger or smaller. Rather than confining the baby in, we use those to create Big Kid Zones so that the older kids can work in peace, and/or use toys that are unsafe for the baby (LEGO).

Big Kid Zones don't solve MY problem, which is knowing where he is every second, but they do help with minimizing the teeny tiny little things he can reach!

Do you have any gates or something you can use to create baby-safe or BKZs?

Kim said...

Maybe I should consider getting one of those extra-large play yards. I just always prefer to not restrict his movement, but it sure was a lot easier to do stuff without having to clean up after him continuously.

I just hate to have him cry because he misses me. I'm a wimpy mom!