Friday, May 08, 2009

A Photo Essay of an Artist Breaking Boundaries

You may note the varied media the artist enjoys using in his creative endeavors. Though he usually prefers pencils and crayons because of their ease of use and prevalence, he does the unexpected occasionally. The last photo shows his competency with Sharpie. Good taste in the color--orange is my new favorite. His flexibility as an artist is also evident when he leaves his prefered canvas of the painted wall and moves onto doors, drawer bottoms, and potty seats. Overall, we can expect a prolific career with even more surprises and risks in store.


christinemm said...

Do you have the techniques to clean all that stuff off the surfaces?

If not let me know which you need.

I recently leanred via Google to remove Sharpie from a glossy paper surface or any glossy surface write on top with dry erase pen then wipe off with paper towel, amazing!

I kept all Sharpies in a little plastic pencil box up high where my kids couldn't reach them. That and sharp knives...

LB said...

Well done.

Rational Jenn said...

I can tell that you are bursting with pride! Keep him away from children who can teach him how to spell "colorful" words (such as my children). :o)

Kim said...


Thanks for the help. The good news is that I have been able to test out a couple of ideas in the past. Toothpaste for the walls, though I prefer the Magic Eraser (or some knock-off) now. The Sharpie happened to be in HIS room. You can tell by the pinky-pinkness of the walls and the patch of white that we're painting that room soon. I think that I should be able to paint over the Sharpie. Though somethings have a nasty habit of bleeding through paint, so it might be good idea to remove the Sharpie before painting. Anyone know if Sharpie would bleed through primer and a coat or two of paint?


Considering the sorry amount of time that those marks remain on the walls, you're absolutely right!