Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Love...

that my daughter ran into an old friend of hers from her private school. They both went to preschool together at the Montessori school. She took her daughter out to attend public kindergarten. She teaches English at the high school at my local school. Of course, as with all of us moms who were paying for the expensive private school, she was curious where Hanover was attending school. When Hanover said that she was homeschooling, I could see the mom's face tighten up into complete disapproval. She asked how it was going and I honestly told her that some things were going well and there were other things that I needed to spend more time on. Her disapproval was even more apparent.

We discovered that the two girls were both very active outside of school with dance, and other activities. After getting reacquainted a little more, I asked the daughter what her favorite books were. I'm always on the look out for other books for Hanover, whose appetite for reading is voracious. This other girl said that she doesn't get a chance to read very much. The last thing she read outside of assigned work was the fourth Harry Potter book, and she only got half-way through.

When we got back to the car, I asked my daughter what she thought about the girl not reading books. Hanover said, "I hope I always get to homeschool. I couldn't imagine not having enough time to read." Yippee. Hanover's first positive acknowledgement of homeschooling.

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Rational Jenn said...

That's great that Hanover is able to appreciate that advantage of homeschooling! And it must have been music to your ears. :o)