Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Twitter and Homeschooling

I signed up for Twitter. Twitter sounded pretty meaningless at first, but when a friend of mine told me she was on it (thanks, LB!), I decided to give it a shot. The best way to describe Twitter is that it's like an RSS reader where you get only the summaries. You have to 'follow' people in order to get their updates (their posts). The updates are limited to 140 characters, so many people use or to shorten their links, so you have to click to know where the link heads.

There is also a search feature on Twitter. People who have posts specifically relating to a certain topic will include a tag. For homeschoolers the tags are #homeschool, #hsc, and #homeschooling. You can search Twitter for those tags to get a quick low down on all of the homeschooling related updates. I've found some interesting links and ideas.


christinemm said...

I still don't get it. I might have to join to understand the concept of Twitter.

DH joined Facebook a few weeks ago as his family wanted him to join. We both feel it is a monumental waste of time and he has only learned little trivia about people's lives that he didn't know. Like that one family went skiing that weekend. And another headed to Orlando for a week. I still don't get what it means when someone throws a hamburger at you.

Kim said...

It's definitely something that needs to be experienced, whether for good or ill. I'm a bit of a sucker for new technology. Facebook (FB) is particularly interesting. All of those little updates are the equivilant of meeting an acquaintance in line at the grocery store. It may not be a deep conversation, but you rarely feel sad that you met up with the person and learned a little more about them. It's a nice way to 'keep in touch.' Just a little bit of this and that, here and there.

Remarkable are the number of people who will find you because you entered your high school or college (provided your graduating class was smallish). I do not live near my folks and didn't keep in touch with many people from high school. Now I know a lot more about them. You can also send messages to one another without going through the rigamarole of exchanging ever-changing e-mail addresses and such.

The bead throwing, water fights, and memes are just there as a friendly way to keep interacting--and to play. I don't participate in that stuff much, but I might do a little something to someone I haven't actually commented to or messaged in a while--just to let them know they are in my thoughts even if in the most meaningless way.

I'm friends with my step-daughter, and my husband's family and I've gotten to see way more pictures of them than I would have otherwise. After all, friendships can be strengthened through an increase in information exchange and FB makes that really easy.

LB said...

You know what ChristineMM, I don't get it either and I'm on it.

I'm currently reassessing how I can better use both Facebook and Twitter for enjoyment and/or information.