Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sesame Street as an Adult

So AJ has been aware that there is such a thing as television. Quite frequently this magic box shows some pretty awesome things, like the Wiggles, that are just great to dance and sing along with. For some reason I was fixated on the Cookie Monster song, C is for Cookie, lately, and wouldn't you know, they have it on You Tube. And another very favorite Sesame Street character of my own youth was The Count (ah, ah, ah). Now you may remember The Count's Song. If not, here's a refresher:

But, I just discovered that I can enjoy The Count's Song in a whole new light with some minor editing:

After watching Sesame Street's The Count in an unnecessarily censored video, the kids wonder why I laugh so much when I play the original video for AJ!


Rachel said...

Oh my!

Sesame Street will never be quite the same for me, now.


John Drake said...

Now that was hilarious. Thank you for a good laugh.

Kim said...

I love the spiders and, of course, when he's alone!