Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Show on

I know I'm about six years late in discovering Arrested Development. All three seasons are on It is so funny that I stay up much too late just to watch the next episode. I find myself wondering how much I might be missing because my slang may not be as extensive as the show's writers and also how much iconic imagery and parody I may miss because I have missed a lot of modern TV and movie culture. But I catch a lot and I find it remarkably enjoyable. There's talk of a film based on the series.


christinemm said...

Funny, two weeks ago we began watching Lost, five years after it started. We watched all of season one while the kids were sick (they watched it with me). I wasn't sure if it really was a show okay for kids but after being sleep deprived and too many kid movies and kid shows I caved and just dove into it.

I've never seen Arrested Development.

LB said...

From what I've seen of Arrested Development I really like it too. Didn't know it was on Hulu!

(I keep my Urban Dictionary link on my desktop.)

Kim said...

Christine, it's pretty filthy. I've discovered that my ever expanding knowledge of slang has also rendered me almost incapable of knowing which innuendos are going to go right over my kids' heads. I know I enjoyed Grease as a kid and just really like the music. Now, as an adult, I wonder that anyone shows it to kids! And yet I am still thinking of getting it for my kids. Hmmm!

I definitely let my kids watch non-kid shows. I always watch my murder mystery shows with them (um--we're talking Monk and Perry Mason, not CSI type shows). I've also let them watch Buffy the Vampire slayer on occasion (but not as a rule). After trying to explain all of the vampire lore and separate it from the show's mythology, had to stop in order to save my own sanity.

Lost looks interesting, but I wasn't sure about starting it this far after it's debut. I'm glad it's enjoyable.

LB, I have to go to Urban Dictionary more times than I thought. And I've come across a few definitions that have made my stomach turn. So glad I have the internet so I can be one of those 'soccer moms' who ruins slang for all of the kids by knowing what it means.