Thursday, February 26, 2009

Science and Technology Education Blog Carnival


I realized that other day, like Denise at Let's Play Math, that one of my favorite topics--sharing with and teaching children about science and technology--could use some more attention. I would like to have a blog carnival (a blog post, published on a regular schedule, that specifically highlights thematic posts on the topic of the carnival from other bloggers) that gathers together great ideas, projects, tips, and lessons for science and technology education and out-reach. A carnival called Academy of Science and Technology scheduled for publication on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Submissions due 8pm EST the evening before. The first edition is scheduled for Monday, March 9th.

The carnival is geared toward kids and science and technology; parents working on at-home projects with kids, teachers teaching in the classroom, or homeschoolers teaching at home. I am hoping to include posts on hands-on projects and experiments. Any teaching techniques, tips, and philosophy would be welcomed. It would be interesting to learn which topics are being covered in the classroom or at home and how the kids responded. Sharing how you helped kids to tear something apart or build something new, engineering experiments, kit reviews, or useful equipment could allow others to do something similar, or expand it, with their own kids. There are many ways to explore science and technology with children and I hope this carnival is serves as inspiration to many in that endeavor.

Please consider promoting and/or submitting to this carnival so we can share our love of science and technology with the next generation! Here's the handy-dandy submission form!

Running a homeschool elementary science class and having my husband run an incredibly popular astronomy class plus additional observation and learning how to use a telescope evenings, has shown me how much people appreciate additional science resources. I hope to gain a lot of ideas and insight from such a topical carnival and hope to do the same for others.

A big thank you to Joanne Jacobs for plugging this carnival! Thanks also to LB at 3 Ring Binder. Rational Jenn gave the carnival a 'shout out' on Twitter and her blog, as well. GrrlScientist also posted about the carnival. Thanks! Another shout out to Curriculum Matters at Ed Week.

The carnival can only benefit from the attention!


Deb said...

Kim, what a great idea! I will definitely be a reader, and a contributor if possible.

One article that MAY be useful (though I'm not positive it's appropriate) is one my husband (an industrial mathematician, professor at RIT) wrote, and I published on my web site: An article on math education, The Math Wars. That's at:

It's not a blog post, though.

Another small article, which is also not technically a blog post but which I published last week, is a little mini-review of Pop Bottle Science (distributed by SKS Science). Here is the review:

Kim said...

I'm glad you like the idea. I think an article would be appropriate! Your husbands article has really important points(I read it before). I'll think about whether it would be a fit. May depend on the number of posts. It can take these things a while to get off the ground.

Eryn at said...

Gonna make myself TWO notes to get in on this!

Thanks for the hard work of getting it started!