Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Math is Hard!

Here's a video that proves 1 is actually equal to 2!

How did you do with figuring out the error? I think I know what it is, but I'm going to check with my husband to be sure. Update--I only had it partly right. He knew immediately. If you don't get it, show it to your kids who have taken algebra and see how they do.

The original website is here (via Rovaal's twitter feed). OK--I enjoyed the video. Rovaal seems to be having a hard time getting enough viewers for his marketing contest. So watch the video and post it yourself if you like math problems!


christinemm said...

Oh boy.

That proves math is not my thing. In school I did well in math, I am good at learning operations, memorizing formulas and doing them correctly. That is what I'm good at with math.

I was lost about half way through that. Or maybe it has been too long since I've worked with operations like that and it made my brain fog.

Kim said...

Like I posted, I only got mine partly right! And I have a lot of training dealing with equations and used them much more regularly than a lot of other people. I had to rely on my husband!