Monday, February 09, 2009

Great Family Game to Play

Head over to Kubit2Me and click on "print and play"! There are a number of things to print. I really like Free to be Me. Print it out and play it as a family, or use some of the cards in the beginning of a party with kids (or modified for adults?) or a sleep-over. (Via MomsWhoSave)

The game comes with a bunch of cards that can include questions such as:
"What's your favorite book?"
"If you won $100, what would you buy?"
"Why do you think some people are afraid of spiders? Are you?"
"Describe your best friend. Why is he or she your best friend?"
"What have you done, in school or sports or anywhere that you are really proud of?"

As Hanover gets older, there is more and more of her life that happens without the constant presence of adults. She reads books I never read, has drop-off play dates and sports and classes that I no longer automatically attend. There are opinions that she expresses that do not mirror my own--that I may never have expressed to her. She starts thinking about things more on her own as well, including information from books, friends, other important adults in her life, and from media sources like television, movies, or music.

I love it when she wants to share her new thinking with me. I too often step on her exploratory thinking process by interjecting my own thoughts on the matter or pointing out information that she may not have discovered yet. Many times I will do what I feel is more respectful of her nascent introspection and ask questions in which I am genuinely interested in the answer, like what leads her to believe that, or express some neutral thought. I need to balance whether the additional information she needs to have is likely to come from a source other than myself or whether I can be a bit more 'Socratic' in asking a about the matter in a way she hadn't yet considered. Those techniques could prevent me from giving direct advice that may lead her to distrust her own reasoning.

So I appreciate a fun little game like Free to Be Me because it allows me to gain more insight to my increasingly independent girl.

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Mary Kay Russell said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks so much for your kind words about Kubit2me's "Free to Be Me" free printable game! Just wanted you to know that it's even more fun to play Free to Be Me with a Kubit2me plush cube. I created Kubit2me because I discovered that kids are more apt to answer a question that they pull from a fuzzy cube, rather than answer the question coming straight from mommy or daddy's mouth! (3 Kubit2me game editions are sold at specialty toy stores nationwide and online)