Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Homeschooling

I love finding out how really neat my kids are.

I hate needing to take them with me wherever I go.


LB said...

What? You mean you'd like some time alone? Silly mommy.

christinemm said...

Oh Kim. You leave us wanting for more.

Not sure if you just need some 'me time', if the kids acted up in public and you got embarrassed or you are just sick of trying to make a simple grocery store run and were pestered to buy X, Y, and Z by the kids (not in the budget or possibly something you don't want them to eat).

Last night I was at a family party. Moms were there with babies in arms. I remember that time wishing sometimes I could just be the ones at the party with empty arms, how different it would be to have that. Yet I missed that, now that I've not had a babe in arms for so manyyears, and I felt empty without a babe in arms. This is why people often ask if they can hold your baby, they miss it too. So last night I kept begging to hold the baby.

Time passes quickly...

I'm home doing a reorganization project that is overdue. But what I'm craving is to run out into the real world alone to do a couple of shopping errands all by myself (leaving kids at home with DH).

Have a great rest of your day.

Oh, I take my kids nearly everywhere with me. But one place I never took them was with me to get the annual pelvic exam or mammogram. I drew the line there. LOL.

Kim said...

Oh man, to have an hour or two by myself when it's not the weekend when everything is busy or late at night! This is a hold over from working. If I needed to go grocery shopping, or Christmas shopping, or have my hair colored, or to the doctor, I could just take a little time from work and get to it.

Oh yeah-pregnancy and the obstetrician was great fun. Thank goodness the girls were well enough behaved to sit outside of the exam room and the rooms were far enough from the door that it was OK--not to mention the nurses who helped out.

Sometimes I think the real alone time I crave is to home alone. That is the rare treat.

I do love having that baby thing again--most of the time! Ha!