Friday, January 02, 2009

Homeschool Boys Get the Girls

I absolutely have to pass on these funny videos done by my friend's son. He's successfully navigated the homeschool process and recently graduated high school. His, and his mother's, diligent work have landed him with a scholarship to college and a great sense of humor! Jonathon Mullen and his two friends Grant and Gary Gasse have produced these videos poking fun at the unsocialized homeschooler meme. For all of those who fear your kids might grow up without socialization, take a look at these great tongue-in-cheek videos.

Please take a visit over to You Tube to leave a comment if you liked them.


christinemm said...

Kim thanks for posting these, I enjoyed them.

I also noticed today Dana of Principled Discovery put one on her blog. The video should get a lot of hits as she has a large readership.

Have a great week.

Kim said...

I'm glad! I hope they enjoy getting a lot of views.