Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I have made a decent dent into the family's Christmas purchasing so far. Just the immediate family--friends and extended family are still waiting.

With my blessing, my mother has decided to get the kids a Wii. That almost spurred an actual argument between me and the hubby. See, hubby is a bit of a stick-in-the-mud (love ya, honey). Unless it is reading or science related, he is just not interested and thinks it is a waste of time. I have the role of fun protector. I make sure we have a functioning DVD player, allow the children to play on websites, allow them to read books for entertainment value, take them to movies--and now introduce them a real video game console.

I do not know when the kids will have time to play it. They can barely squeeze in any time for the computer, so we'll see how it goes. The reason they do not have much time for the computer (even though I would allow them each 45 minutes a day) is because they are not allowed to play before the school day ends, we only have one computer they are allowed to use and they need to share it with us and my e-mail, shopping, and news checking alway take priority, and they need us to enter the password so they have to wait until we are available.


LB said...

Hey! We just got a Wii for Christmas, too! (ooh, it's that parallel lives thing) Stephen's not too thrilled, but willing to keep an open mind. Me? Well, let's just say it has DDR, and you know
how I feel about DDR

Kim said...

Oh yeah! It's a secret, but I also bought Disney's High School Musical Sing It. I am hoping that it will help the kids be a little more on-key when they sing. I can't complain much because my ear is about as tin as they come, but I can hold out hope for my poor darlings.

LB said...

Shhh. Mine's a secret too! Since I'm guessing that neither of our sets of children are reading our blogs - I think we're safe. We got Rock Band (2/3 of the kids here are older than the HSM crowd). I've been itchin' for the youngest to learn the words to Suffragette City anyway (wincing with apprehension).

christinemm said...

I want the Wii for Wii Fit.

Wii is not coming to our house. Last Christmas was xBox360. Kids play Wii at friend's houses.

Family rule on video game time gives 9 hours max a week (1 hour per weekday and 2 on weekends). They get no video game if all HSing not done or chores, or if we're busy on a weekend and not home a lot.

Plus they are getting Guitar Hero for xBox360 so enough is enough. I'd rather concentrate as they say "on one platform".

I blogged a book review today and want your two cents. Given your 'exploit the Earth' outlook I wonder what you think of what I have to say about this chidren's book for kids aged 3 and up, a picture pop-up book.

Please do leave a comment on my blog when you have a minute to read it and share your thoughts.

Kim said...

The whole 'get off your butt' idea of the Wii really did win me over in the end. I don't think every game has to be that way, but some are and those, like Dance Dance Revolution, will be fun to get the kids (and me?) moving. Especially with winter and bad weather.

Though once I did think of allowing a video console, the Wii's biggest draw is the 'move around' option. The other consoles have superior graphics. And the games for all of the consoles are crazily expensive. I plan on the exact same tack--one console! Much too expensive and space-intensive to have multiple gaming platforms. I have a Blockbuster on-line account, so perhaps renting won't be so bad.

I hope the game is popular enough that I'll need time limits. I'm notorious for picking bad gifts.

I read the review already! I want to spend a little effort organizing my comment so it's more focused and linear than it would be with just my extemporaneous thoughts. In short, I thought you had great points. You took the context of the child reader into account, accurately described how these types of books portray humanity in general, and really nailed the idea of the kids internalizing this new form of unearned guilt.

Kim said...

After I picked up the singing game, Amazon had Guitar Hero for half-price, and then I realized I only needed one rythm-based game to ruin my evenings! I have to say that I hadn't considered the benefits of expanding the song repertoire.