Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Alive!

Me and the Round Up, that is! Here's the round up for this week.

Me? I was so excited when soccer season ended. I could stop the merry-go-round of "Where's your uniform? Do you have your shin guards? Wouldn't it be easier to keep everything in your soccer bag? Why are you complaining to me that your soccer stuff isn't clean when it's laying there on your floor? My job is to wash clothes from the dirty hamper in the laundry room and put it in your cubby in the laundry room. If it doesn't get into the hamper, then I really don't understand why you're upset with me. Yes, we bought more water bottles for practice. What? We have games on Saturday and Sunday?" I took a mental vacation for the last two weeks! That and my blogging ideas dried up like the mums I bought that never got watered (which were a very effective addition to the Halloween decorations--lemons and lemonade, you know).


LB said...

I really, really disliked my experiences with Youth Soccer. I'm happy those days are behind me now. And I can almost see the image of the dehydrated mums (if I looked out my own front door, I could actually see them, sitting sadly in their plastic pots).

I'm glad you're back!

Kim said...


You say the nicest things! I may be back, but I'm wasting, um, I mean consciously deciding to watch Firefly Serenity on That and catching up on Bones and House. So much internet TV, so little time.