Sunday, October 12, 2008

What They Said.

I haven't commented on the so-called financial crisis because others are doing it so much better than I ever could. Read here for extensive, in-depth, freedom-loving analysis and for a quick take on why the market keeps going down, I think Judy Aron also hits the nail on the head. So for my official comments on the crash of the global economy, "what they said," just about sums it up.


christinemm said...

I haven't blogged about this either.

I am so sick of hearing it.

I have some blog posts drafted but can't bring myself to publish them.

I am tired of the whining of people on TV.

I also feel the media has brought this on themselves with their long wind up of 'a recession' when no true recession has hit yet.

Technically still the data does not quality for saying we are in a recession (yet).

I will go see what Judy Aron wrote.

Kim said...

Here, here. You are so right! The news has been reporting 'the fear of a recession' since gas prices started rising ~4 years ago.