Saturday, October 18, 2008

Make it Yourself Halloween

I've been a big fan of paper toys ever since I stumbled across The Toy Maker's website a long, long time ago. I've made a number of her items, supposedly for the children. If you promise not to tell, I'll admit that I was the one who enjoyed them the most.

Here are some Halloween links so you too can have odd little dioramas or just neat looking stuff around your house.

The Toy Maker's Holiday page (with Halloween and Thanksgiving)

Raven's Blight Manor (I particularly enjoyed the mechanical bat--being all mechanical and all, the moving sculpture--which my daughter asks me to throw away every year because it creeps her out, the hearse play set--how many kids can say they have one of those?, the pocket monsters--perfect for reminding hubby of how much I love him while he's wearing these ghoulish guys at work, the necronomicon books--which my daughter asked me to print over and over again because she uses them as a journal)

For another optical illusion, make this dragon, you can even choose different colors here.

Canon has some very intricate paper toys/crafts (for when you feel like your scissors will never dull)

Epson has luminaries for you to make yourself, masks, and masks, pails, and bags.

HP has masks (I like the tiger), party decorations, pumpkins stencils, cards, and invitations. I like the hanging decorations.

In case you need an accessory for your Harry Potter costume, you can make a wand here.

Family Fun is always chock full of ideas!

Then there's always the inimitable Martha Stewart.

If you think all of the above paper models are for sissies and you could do them blind-folded, then I recommend Haunted Dimensions where you will find scale models of Disney's Haunted Mansion and surroundings.

For the seriously hard-core Halloween fanatics (not me), the Make blog has some great ideas, not to mention a whole contest for this year.

We're having a Halloween party on the 27th--so I'm off to actually decorate my house and figure out activities and menus. Pin the grin on the Jack O'Lantern, anyone?

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