Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Science for High School Homeschoolers?

I was thinking about doing a high school level physics course (way more fun because you can go fast and not worry about a lot of the math) but wouldn't most people just go to a community college for that?


John Drake said...

I guess it depends on if you think the local community college can do a sufficient job teaching physics. I'm in agreement with Dave Harriman that most college classes in physics take a rationalistic approach (my undergrad was in physics). They basically say "Here's the formula, now lets see how it works." They spend little to no time educating students on why and how the formula is correct.

Anonymous said...

Not if you get the right people!! It would just be a matter of marketting. How could any community college course possibly compare to a course though induction!!! Ha!! There's no comparison!!
--Michael Gold