Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New VanDamme Academy Newsletter

I always find Lisa VanDamme's e-mail subscription interesting. I do not think I will ever attain her level of accomplishment in teaching (although I only have two children), but I am always inspired by her insight. She's introducing a new newsletter and the first issue is already chock-full of information and fascinating success stories.

Dear "Pedagogically Correct" Subscribers,

The new school year is underway, and an exciting year of curriculum lies ahead, including: Ancient history, physical science, and classic literature from D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths in the elementary classrooms to Antigone and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in junior high.

This year, I will be sending a monthly newsletter to parents, telling stories from the classroom, highlighting aspects of the VanDamme method, and answering parents' questions about the school's philosophy and curriculum. Follow the link for the first issue of this new newsletter.

VDA Newsletter


Lisa VanDamme
Head of School
VanDamme Academy

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