Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls' Club

I'll have about 8 new girls over my house. What's the occasion? At a recent library sale I came across an American Girl Club Handbook. The handbook is a resource for people who like American Girl dolls and who want to hang out and do things with other people who like American Girl dolls. My oldest daughter has wanted to have a 'club' of some kind for a year now.

I think the general idea is to learn about each historic American Girl and her era. The girls might do some reading about the time period, do a craft related to that girl, and have a snack or activity. The American Girl Company no longer supports the clubs and I wouldn't want to be limited to only American Girls anyway, so we'll nominally start it off as American Girl but then branch out into anything else the kids find interesting.

I'm very lucky to belong to a great state-wide inclusive homeschooler's list. Whenever anyone knows about a resource for homeschoolers, or a local event, they can put it on this e-mail list. So when I wanted to start up this girls' club, I only had to post it on this group and I found a number of people with girls of the right age interested (we limited it to 2nd through 5th grade). Another great resource has been another regional group called Classical Kids. This is another inclusive group for parents who are influence by The Well-Trained Mind or Charlotte Mason.

Our first order of business in the club will be to select a name, determine a secret password, a secret hand shake or symbol, and to make smocks for the rest of the activities planned. In a way it reminds me of girl scouts, only without the uniforms and without badges. Either that or a birthday party held every two weeks without the cake and presents. We'll also need to determine whether kids will alternate bringing craft stuff, if they'll pay dues to cover costs, or if they'll hold fundraisers.

I can't wait to see how it all works out and how I'll fit all the girls doing crafts in my house!


LB said...

I love the historic American Girls.

We got lots of good ideas from their birthday party book (they no longer publish it) and my oldest actually gave a semester long class at our homeschool cooperative a few years back using the historic dolls as a foundation for American history. She learned a lot and the littler girls had fun (and hopefully learned something, too).

Have a good time - it really sounds like fun!

Kim said...

The books do touch most of the important times in American history, so using them as an adjunct to a history class is a great idea! Amazingly enough, my kids have almost no interest in their historical stories.