Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Science Class for Elementary

I held the first science class this week. It seemed to go rather well. It was one hour of those poor children listening to me talking. This lecture was an introduction to science. I was trying to answer the questions "What is science," "Why study science," "What was there before science," and "How did science start."

Here is what I wrote on the board (kind of--I'm working from memory):
  • Science is understanding the laws of the universe
  • Scientific Method
  • Observe
  • Hypothesis
  • Experiment
  • Conclusion
  • Ancient Greece
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Thinkers were Celebrated
  • Knowledge Available to Many
  • Wanted to Know Why
We had a discussion about the various myths and gods used to explain everything and how unpredictable life was before modern times. I also talked about physical science versus biological science or chemistry.


Shez said...

How I wish that we could join you for this class. I am looking for a Scott Powell for science.

Kim said...

I should be so lucky to be as good as Scott! I'm just hoping I can get to the point of teaching the kids something they don't already know. We're going to talk about Thales next.