Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family Nicknames

You've seen them everywhere--the pseudonyms people use on their blogs to avoid using their kids' real names. They're usually theme-oriented (if the blog has a theme). This is going to sound wierd because it's entirely backwards. My husband has actually given our kids family nicknames that he uses whenever he wants to tease them. I've spent so much time saying 'my oldest' and 'my youngest' and now, with the baby, 'my youngest daughter' that I finally decided to bring the nicknames into the somewhat open of the blog-o-sphere. I introduce to you, in order of appearance:



Filthy Little Moose

(temporary name until my husband actually assigns one)

I have no idea why or how my husband decided to do this thing to his poor children, but here we are and now I can refer to my children by some name instead of a long description.


LB said...

I think those names are far better than Peanut, Princess, and Angel, especially when I use them interchangeably (the 20 year-old does not like to be called "Princess" almost as much as the youngest doesn't like to be called Izzy, but only because that's the dog's name). My solution: Stinky 1, 2, and 3. It's appropriate for all-occasions and they know who you're talking to.

By the way, Filthy Little Moose is looking quite like a real boy!

Shez said...

Very cute little munchkins. My nicknames for the kids are Benny Bunny and Shira Bira. When they were tiny I called them the sprogs, sprog A and sprog B.

Kim said...

Shez, I like the alliteration and rhyming! Always good for names.

LB, I certainly think the dog should qualify as a stinky too! He probably feels left out. Stinky does always seem appropriate for children--it can take on so many meanings.

Yeah, FLM is really getting big--huge, even. At least so my back is telling me!